in collaboration with TinTin Patrone

TinTin Patrone (Hamburg, Germany), is a German-Filipino composer, musician, actress, film and music producer as well as painter, performance artist and author. TinTin founded the group Krachkisten Orchestra in 2009, the International Music Motorcycle Club in 2012, and runs various musical and artistic individual projects in parallel. The connections between music, art, sound and experimental gesture is the general field she is interested in. One focus of her creations lies on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence and how we relate to music individually and as a society. Her performances and installations include elements from musical Concept-Art, Fluxus and Social practice. Her projects work as a form of comparative study of art and music.





TinTin and Dayang met in Manila in 2019 when TinTin visited for a research. She attended one of Dayang’s lecture and interviewed her for one of TinTin’s film You Make My Earthquake released in 2019. In 2020, they worked together again for Composite By The Numbers, an online exhibit of music and sound, that sonify the numbers that came out of the statistics related to Covid Pandemic and simultaneous big events. TinTin was one of the participating artists, while Dayang was the curator.  

TinTin is the inaugural collaborative partner of Music for 1000 Bicycles. This is the third project where Dayang and TinTin will be working together as a product of their continued communication and ever growing friendship.


This collaboration is supported by Goethe Institut Music Division through their Virtual Partner Residency Programme.