Project Brief

“art arises from experience, (…) 
at the same time different from experience, 
and reflects critically back on it (…)”
– Stuart Hall

“(art) is less a mirror of reality than 
a detour through the fissile stuff of 
which the human subject is made (…)”
– Kobena Mercer

Quest and abuse of power of some have brought the world to shift into something that it is now—manifesting all its hideousness all at the same time. While the rest of us have been reduced to statistics. We have all been reduced to numbers.

Artists-- musicians and sound artists alike, as well as those who do not adhere to a specific label, were invited to compose auditory works using numbers that have been bombarding our daily lives-- statistics of Covid-19 cases, the money market, police cases, among others. They were allowed to  use any instruments, any style or genre of their preference. The two requirements were: first, there has to be a score that other people (besides the composer) maybe able to follow and play; and two, somewhere in the composition is a snippet of an actual human voice. The first requirement was given to make this exhibit an opportunity for others to participate in what this exhibit endeavours. The second requirement was given as a device to literally feel or recognise the 'voice' in the compositions-- not only a sound, but a human, whose voice we wanted to hear again. 

The launch of works are spread out in a span of 7months. The exhibit will run in 12months. This exhibit covers at least a one year experience of people, collectively, in our respective (figurative and literal) quarantined-condition. 

With this generative art project, we hope to participate in reclaiming our humanity.

Composite by the Numbers. August 2020-2021
Alexander John Villanueva, Armi Millare, Auspicious Family, Bani Haykal, C-drik, Chris Brown, escuri, Franchesca Casauay, Hasan Hujairi, Jai Saldajeno, Laure Boer, Lisa Hall, Makoto Nomura, Mary Katherine Trangco, Motohide Taguchi, Pauline Despi, Sin:Ned & KWC, Teresa Barrozo, Tintin Patrone, Tugtugang Musika Asyatika.

Curated by Dayang Yraola
In collaboration with Millet Yulo

Supported by POST Gallery

[logo: character reads (Cantonese: jat1 jan4) “one human”; barcode reads “composite by the numbers”]