Bulletin 1

1. thanks to those who already visited the site. those who haven’t, we are at compositebythenumbers.com

2. the video posted on FB and IG are just previews. full work, score, artist statement and bio on the site.

3. we’ve only launched 2 in 17august. on the artist page it says click <view> for launched works.

under pauline and teresa’s profile thumbnail is <view>.

there are others with thumbnails but no <view>, because their works will be launch on much later date.

why? because our crises did not end after the lockdown was lifted.

4. by spreading the launch in the span of 7mos (aug2020-feb2021), we are covering 12mos of experiences (since most started using data from march2020). which makes putting them all together in one gallery all the more meaningful.

5. yes, there will be a gallery exhibit of all the works launched (from aug2020-feb2021) in march-aug2021. whether it is a VR gallery or physical gallery will be decided by the stars!

well at least this is the plan. we’ll keep working hard to make it happen. if all else fail there’s always a cup of coffee and a book. may we all continue to inspire each other