Launched: Pauline Despi

Reading numbers, to some, is considered superstitious. And in some cultures, 4 is an inauspicious number. But reading time, although it is also a number, to some, is an act of order, a symbol of precision even. Pauline threaded the dicey early days of the Pandemic needling number 4 through what every new everyday feels like.

4 O’Clock (feat. Anjeline De Dios)
by Pauline Despi

Date created: July 4
Duration: 4:01
Sample rate: 44.1 Khz 4/4
4 notes
4 loops / 4 voices

I assembled a piece that is based on time and the number 4. For four months at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a new set of data is released by the DOH showing the rising death tolls, recoveries and new cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines. Bringing the total number of cases to forty thousand on July 4th.

A few days from now will be our fourth month of being in quarantine. Four gruelling months of living in constant fear worrying about how the next few days or weeks will look like for all of us. We count the days without looking forward to what is going to come. What used to be will never be like it was. With people losing their jobs and savings; families losing loved ones; and for most of us, losing our freedom.

4 O’Clock is the wave of fear sweeping over us translated into sound.