Launched: Auspicious Family

If this pandemic is to become a film, Auspicious Family composed its score. In this work, from a harmonic vocalisation throughout the first 15secs, we are slowly ushered into a sonic build-up combining different folds of electronically generated sounds, which floods the human voice until it becomes a drone. 20secs over a minute, the human voice becomes fully engulfed by electronic sounds. one may not recognise the human voice anymore except only when it is intentionally sought. This auditory flow, combined with the video impressing a strong sense of isolation, in so many ways, is an abridged version of our collective experience during this time of pandemic. We are being consumed by something we can't see, but whose existence we can hardly ever deny.

Wavering Uncertain
by Auspicious Family (July 27, 2020)

The score is a visual blend of the moving average of total cases with dips of and peaks for every 5 or more deaths. 30 seconds represents 30 days of time passed, beginning at February 20, 2020, to July 2020.

There are 4 points of articulation in this piece:

(1) Playback Direction and (2) Granular Density (interchangeable with Granular Spread) are represented by the vertical folds and thickness of the curved shapes.

(3) Delay and/or Reverb send amounts are represented by each radial array of lines. Lastly, there are conventional markers for (4) Dynamics plotted across the visual score.

The piece is meant to be played in multiple layers, musical or concréte, but as demonstrated in the performance video, it should incorporate loops of vocal melodies/harmonies and breathe noises in order to demonstrate the nebulous nature of epidemiology.