Collaboration Cycle #1. Day0

10May2021. 3PM in Manila. 9AM in Hamburg. TinTin and I met via Skype to plot our route before we set on this journey with 1000 Bicycles. We've decided to focus on 100 bicycles first and open the rest to other possible collaborative partners for other collaboration cycles, until it all adds up to 1000. We also agreed that the other collaborative partners would be able to make the Pinoy or at least a Manila connection, as conceptual anchor and/or inspiration in attending to the project.  In TinTin's case, she is to begin with a Filipino-German. She also did her research in Manila in 2019. TinTin talks about pedicabs, tricycle, jeepney, buses, taxis, and other transportation that shapes the cityscape of Manila prior to the pandemic--carmageddon, that was how it was called. These Philippine connections will inspire the work for Collaboration Cycle #1.

We'll post a call for collaborative partners in the coming days. Meantime, we brew our thoughts, in preparation for our studio work.