Launched: Makoto Nomura

Makoto offers rest and not mourning--a lullaby instead of requiem.  

I dare say nothing else, so as not to disturb this fragile peace.

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Track Name: Chant for Sleep (featuring [dance] Osamu Jareo and Shin Sakuma; [video] Toshie Kusamoto; [piano tuning and recording] Yasunaga Ueno @Stimmer Saal, Shiga; [mastered] Yusuke Kataoka; [filmed by] Toshie Kusamoto and Teruaki Okamoto @the bank of the Kamo-gawa River, Kyoto; [coordinator] Mari Satomura) || Date Created: 26 September 2020 || Date Recorded: 13 October 2020 || Duration: 6.29mins

 “Chant for Sleep” is a piece of 225 bars, which represent 225 days from 14th February, the first day of covid-19 death in Japan, to 25th September 2020. It is a piece of 1539 notes, which represent 1539 people in Japan who died of covid-19 during 225 days. It is intended as a requiem for the peaceful eternal sleep of covid-19 victims as well as a lullaby to make coronavirus sleep.  

(...) Although I studied mathematics at Kyoto University and I followed numbers for this composition, I did not want to compose it only mathematically. In order to create music dedicated to 1539 people and their last days, I struggled within the rule and tried to compose music with all my heart and soul. The score is totally hand-written in pencil and intended for piano with slight voice accompaniment in the end. This voice part is a quotation from folk sumo ritual called Nettei Sumo, whose stomping is believed to have a special power to make evil spirits calm down. I put this voice with the hope of protection against pandemic. This music is open to collaborate with other forms of arts, for example dance, visual art, etc.  


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