Launched: No One Pulse

Holger Schulze said "sound leave traces." This composition hints us of sensation of sounds associated with protest movement-- marching, siren, gunshots, assembly, abrupt commotion, and others, periodically punctuated by bleeping sound similar to pedXing, which is recognisably Hong Kong. These then are sound traces.

The inspiration of this work is slightly away from the issue of medical pandemic, but still a pandemic of sort that affected many lives and will affect many more in many future generations. Sound traces of these numbers are put forward
......lest we forget.

Track Name: 數數字 Count Numbers || Date Created: 2020 || Duration: 15.12 mins

數字 , the word translated from "number" in Chinese, has more than one connotation. It is not only used as a noun but also a verb in describing the action of counting. 

The score is derived from the dates of events and incidents happened during the democratic protest in Hong Kong, 2019. 

With the associations and linkings of The 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident in Beijing, China. June 4, or its variations like 64 / 8964 / 35th May, are banned from the internet and general media in China because of its sensitive and controversial nature. As with the newly proposed National Security Law from the HKSAR government, the dates in the score may also be likely banned in the future.