Launched: Laure Boer

Photo credit: Paul Rousteau


We launched Laure's on the last day of 2020. This work captured the sentiment that is shared by all colours, classes, and creed-- torpor; of not knowing; the anxiety of this unforgettable year that felt brand new in all turns and bents. We were only sure of one thing-- that we are all unsure. 

The work too loops us back to the feeling shared by the first two works release, while we are still in the rawness of this pandemic.  I particularly favour that this work was performed by artists who are participants of Composite By The Numbers, a solid reminder that we are all in this together. It then serves a perfect closing act for this year. Denouement. 


Track Name (Title): Torpor [Featuring: Tintin Patrone, Trombone (line 5), Auspicious Family, Synthesizer (line 7), Laure Boer, vocals (line 11)] || Date Created: November 2020 || Date Recorded: December 2020 || Duration: 5.56mins 


The score is about the difficulty to relate to the abstraction of the pandemic on a global scale on one side, and the falling in a period of torpor on a local and personal scale on the other side. It brings together statistics about the deaths due to the pandemic in Germany, and personal daily photos during the last four seasons. The piece can be played from 3 to 13 musicians. Each musician chooses a line. Where there is light (white grain), there is sound. It can mean volume or intensity, depending on the instrument. The ellipses are total silences and have a connection with the amount of deaths in Germany. The photos and the seasons are like a narrative frame to the composition. In this frame one comes back to very basic transcriptions of sensations: where you have light, you have sound.

It transcripts for me this feeling of torpor, uncertainty, to go everyday step by step. 

The composition is based on the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany.