Bulletin 4


Launching 10, 100,000 and 252. These last three works embody the essence of the exercise in which Composite By The Numbers had been conceived. These numbers could mean anything and nothing. It is our engagement with them, our conscious interrogation of what they mean to us and others that makes numbers more than just random digits. Compositing numbers in this project does not answer the question of 'how many'… but 'how so'?


It was a long wait to complete the roster of works from August 2020 until February 2021. It was unfortunate that the original roster of artists couldn't be completed. But that is how it is in real life anyway, we do not always end up achieving our plans. As one of my favourite 'mantra' goes: We can only play with the cards we are dealt with.


On the whole, despite that the artists worked separately, individually, we are amazed by how many of the works correspond/ resonate with others, whether in terms of form, sentiment or sensation. Moreover, experiencing them together, as one narrative, in this website format, brought us in a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It made evident that even until now we are all still “afraid of the dark”, and it is perfectly alright. 


We encourage you to spend time listening and appreciate all the works. It might relay a different story to you, that is what is desired, and it is perfectly alright. 


We will have this present set of works on this platform (https://compositebythenumbers.com/) until 1 June 2021. We will relaunch on 9 August 2021 with an exhibit in a virtual gallery format. Relaunching it in a different format is a form of inquiry on what or how much the staging format in this virtual platform contributes to appreciation and understanding of the works.


I would like to thank all those who have already visited, continuously visiting, and will visit the exhibit, especially those who took time to send me their feedback. I would like to thank all the artists who submitted their work-- for taking up the challenge, and most especially for walking with me when the journey seem bleak. I would also like to thank Millet Yulo for going out of her way to accommodate my art projects during the pandemic. And thank you too to Post Gallery for making this possible and for their consistent support to my curatorial experimentation in the past 3 years.


                                                                                                    -- Dayang Yraola