Launched: Mary Katherine Trangco aka Katz


 I do agree with Katz, when here she said that 10 can give us a sense of completion. Most even numbers  can give us that feeling/ sense.  Remembering our early childhood learnings will give us the reason why. Going farther, digging up the archaeology of the mind there is a reason for the reason that we remember. It is an interesting thing to think about, but it is a whole different exercise from the one that we are doing now. So, we set it aside, in the meantime.


The 10 days that Katz captured in her work may not be unique to her experience alone. There is no claim of spectacle. What this work presented though is the mindspace that many of us have ignored when we could still go out freely and with ease—the idea of the inside (physically, inside one’s home or figuratively, inside one’s mind) and how it is truly different than what is outside; compounded by the ideas of togetherness and being alone.



Track Name: 10 ||  || Duration: 09:20 mins

10 is a compilation of ten 1-minute tracks recorded in 10 days within the pandemic. The piece aims to capture the daily events in the life of a person on lockdown, and those who have gone back to their usual activities such as the street vendors, to survive the economic challenges posed by the prolonged suspension of business (and life, in general) due to COVID-19.                   

The number 10 gives a sense of completion in the sense that it ends the series of single digits, but can also serve as starting point for the next series that starts in 1 (10, 11, 12, etc.). 10 also stands for individuality in multiplicity in the sense that there is commonality in all the symptoms of all those affected by the virus.                   

When added together, 10 equals 1, a number that symbolize isolation each of us has been facing due to the pandemic. Those inflicted with the virus go through the treatment alone, while those on lockdown undergo the same detachment from the outside world. It also stands for the transmission of the virus that started with just one person.                   

A person, whether in the pandemic or not, deals with death alone. Even the fight for survival, which may be made possible with the aid of medicine and technology administered by others, is still ultimately won only by the individual.